Dear Don, Lou, Greg, Chris, and all the folks at TCI,

We love our new house. It is a wonderful place to live. And we want you to know how very grateful we are for everything you did to make it happen.

In the first months of construction we were struck by what an enormously complex project it is to build a house - even a small one - and we began to recongnize what a challenging business you are in, and how rewarding it must be to make it all come together. It has only been since the house has been finished and we have begun to live here that we have realized that your work is that, but also something more. Most of the products that we buy or the services that we receive are mundane and transitory. But when you build a house for a family, you are building an enduring part of their lives together - something much more than wood and drywall and paint.

Thank you.
— Steve and Kathryn, Leverett